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Open Positions

We are always looking for great talent to be a part of the Lift team. Our vision is born out of our dedication to digital media and a passion for technologies.

Sorry, no open positions posted at this time.

We are committed to the health and well-being of our team.

In our efforts to deliver an unforgettable experience, we are as committed to delivering on the intangibles as we are to delivering on tangible work.

Vacation Time

We believe that having adequate, quality time away from work lets you be your best self at work and at home. In addition to statutory holidays and our year end break, you'll start with 3 weeks of paid leave.

Health Insurance

Your health matters, to you and to us. Our extended health insurance is shared cost with Lift paying 50%. In addition, you'll have access to a health spending account which will increase annually based on your years with the company.

RRSP Matching

We want you to do well for yourself now and in the long run. Lift offers RRSP matching to help you save for retirement and plan for the future.

Holiday Rest

Life moves pretty fast. We value the holiday season as a time for family and reflection. In addition to vacation time, we close the office each year between Christmas and New Years.


We're always keen to grow our abilities as a team. If there's a book you feel would help you, a course you'd like to take, or a conference that you feel would be beneficial, let us know.

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Can I apply for multiple jobs?
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Do I need to submit a cover letter?
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What can I expect from the interview process?
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