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Communications, messaging, strategy, design systems, and community platforms for physical and virtual brands
Why Lift?

Create a lasting impression with a meaningful brand

We are drawn to those things that either we aspire to or we feel that we are a part of. A great brand does both, creating a sense of longing for those who are not yet in and sense of belonging for those who are already a part.

Many organizations treat branding as an afterthought, focusing too much on visuals after the fact and not enough on understanding the essence of what sets them apart from others. We all have experiences with great brands and in those experiences, it is never purely visual design that we connect to.

We know that developing a great brand means going deep, well below the surface, to find the nuggets that make you unique. The Lift team is experienced in leading workshops and activities, conducting research, and guiding a process towards a solid understanding of what makes your brand.

Tone and Voice

One of the first pieces to define when crafting your brand is how you will speak. As an entity on its own, it needs to be able to communicate in a way that is genuine. It’s important to have consistency in tone and voice for a brand. It is easily understood by those who manage communication and is recognizable across mediums and channels.

Visual Design System

With brand building, consistency is key. When it comes to visuals, having a strong design system empowers those working on the brand to easily adapt to any situation. Building a great design system is not about rigid rules which must be abided by, but about creating a guide to usage that removes barriers that would otherwise slow down efforts or require approval seeking.

Empowered Members

When it comes to a strong community, whether online or in real life, members will become as much a part of the brand as anything else. Great branding empowers members to be evangelists who share their passion because there is nothing they would rather do. Consciously considering how to put more in the hands of members is a step few brands get to.

A Life of Its Own

A good brand that is properly established has the potential to take on a life of its own. If you’re not aware of this possibility, it’s easy to get caught off guard and have things go sideways. However, with the right preparation and ongoing nurturing, a well managed brand can take on a life of its own that carries it far beyond its humble origins.

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Lift can help visualize even the wildest ideas converting them into elegant designs, awesome experiences and catchy brands.
They were a supremely talented team — smart, capable, insightful, and creative. Lift promptly delivered beyond our expectations.
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We’re most impressed with the creativity and quality of work delivered by each of Lift Interactive Inc.’s resources. It’s pretty rare to come across an agency with such a high-caliber team.

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