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Why Lift?

Grow reach, engagement, and conversion with the right people and communities

Tourism and destination marketing is one of the most active fields in digital marketing. Everyone is trying to stand out from the crowd, competing for attention, likes, and shares.

Many tourism offices and DMOs have learned to create content and are doing a good job of presenting their brands on social. Most however, are still struggling to make sense of what efforts produce bookings, referrals, and visitors to their communities.

At Lift, we recognize the complexities of the tourism audience. The ideal digital tourism experience is half an online magazine and half an e-commerce experience. One minute, a person is looking for inspiration; the next minute, they’re trying to efficiently plan, book, or complete a transaction. Our team of strategists, designers, and platform experts understand what it takes to design and roll out an effective plan on digital channels.

Reach the right audience

It’s hard for many destinations to get noticed amongst all the noise. We use market data and digital marketing tools and analytics to help DMOs and place marketers find the right audiences and communities, identifying the best channels and opportunities for reach.

Engage, capture, & convert

Grabbing the attention of your audience is just the start. Once a visitor starts to interact with your brand online, your user experience needs to deliver. We design better website experiences and mobile apps that serve your visitors and guide them to action.

Analytics & analysis

Our team of strategists provide dashboards and analytics packages for you to keep tabs on which strategies are working best. We help make sense of the numbers and how they relate to your goals and your visitors' behavior.

In-destination experience

Providing a great digital experience once your visitor arrives can go a long way to grow shares and word-of-mouth. We design digital experiences for providing quick access to information and for creating memorable visitor experiences.

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The right mix of talent & experience

Our strategy, design & user experience work results in in effective strategies, engaging experiences, and relevant brands
They were a supremely talented team — smart, capable, insightful, and creative. Lift promptly delivered beyond our expectations.
Branding, UX audit and design
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our capabilities

To be more precise, here's what we do for you


Competitor Comparative
Information Architecture
Analytics Analysis
Brand Strategy
Product Strategy
Stakeholder Workshops
Technology Planning
Strategic Plans
UX Audits
Content Planning


Content Inventory & Planning
Content Gap Analysis
Content Creation
Taxonomy & Categorization


User Experience Design
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Interaction Design
Design Systems
Photography & Video
Prototyping & Design
Visual Identity


React & JavaScript
CMS Builds
Shopify & Ecommerce
Bespoke Web Apps
Websites & Platforms
Mobile Applications
No Code Solutions
Digital Ecosystems


Social Media Strategy
Copywriting & Messaging
Conversion Rate Optimization
Digital Advertising
Crowd Funding Campaign
Lead Acquisition
Creative Concepts
Campaign Execution
Video & Photography
Tracking & Measurement

We’re most impressed with the creativity and quality of work delivered by each of Lift Interactive Inc.’s resources. It’s pretty rare to come across an agency with such a high-caliber team.

Marketing campaign strategy and landing page design
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