A process centred on you and your audience.

Our Process

How we produce great results

You and those you want to reach are the most important part of your project. That’s why our process is centred first and foremost on people.



We want to get the broadest understanding of you, your audience, and your goals. This is the start of our journey and is all about exploring possibilities and divergent paths that may lead us to our final destination.



Taking all of our insights from discovery, we begin to converge on a solution, drawing up the roadmap that will lead to our journey’s end. A well laid plan is key to success, but we also leave room for adventure along the way.



Through a comprehensive UX strategy and plan, we map out what we will need and begin the process of collecting content. We work on messaging that is aligned with your brand personality and purpose.



Throughout our collaborative design process we’ll seek input and feedback, never leaving you in the dark. There are no surprises, only delight as we continue to refine to a beautiful outcome that sets you apart.



Whether building a campaign, developing a site or application, or enhancing a brand, this is the stage where the rubber hits the road. We take all of the work we’ve done and begin to make theory real using the right tools and technology.



Whether it’s checking for quality on a website or checking over the plans for rollout on a marketing campaign, the assurance stage is our opportunity to double check. We seek to remove any potential roadblocks before they come up.



Before we launch and arrive at the end of our initial journey with you, we review all the details and make sure you’re equipped for arrival. This includes training for any technologies needed for use as well as a recap of goals. Of course this is also when we launch.



Whether it’s right away after launch, or a little further down the road, we’re ready for your next adventure. Whether it’s adding microsite, another platform, or a marketing campaign, building your community will continue from one project to the next.

How we work

We deliver more than expected

More than just a project, we’re looking to deliver an experience. Our goal is to build a collaborative relationship with you and your team.

Guided Input

You want to build a community that’s true to you. The only way to do that is for you to be seen and heard. We’ll ask questions that matter as we seek to fully understand you and your organization before we continue the work of building anything more.

Project Pulse

Knowing what to expect, and what’s expected of you, not only keeps you informed, but allows you to contribute more thoughtfully. Regular contact through deliverables and discussions keeps us working side by side throughout the course of your project

Video Deliveries

Your time is valuable and so is ours. In order to use meeting time as effectively as possible, we’ll record guided videos to present some deliverables. Providing you with a recording of allows you to digest what you’re seeing and formulate questions before we meet.


We’ve designed our process to be open and inclusive of you along the way. We iterate at each stage to get things right. By looping you in at earlier stages, we can avoid going backwards as a result of surprising you with thing you may not have expected.

Anywhere in the World

We’re used to working with clients who are not located in the same place as us. We will coordinate meetings during times that will work for both our teams, but will also make use of tools and processes that allow us to stay connected across distance.

Totally Transparent

Throughout our work together we’ll keep you in the loop and provide you with complete access. Assumptions and unconfirmed information can create significant challenges to project success. If you have questions, please ask. We’ll do the same.

We’re most impressed with the creativity and quality of work delivered by each of Lift Interactive Inc.’s resources. It’s pretty rare to come across an agency with such a high-caliber team.

Marketing campaign strategy and landing page design
Tourism Group

Deliverables are only a piece of the puzzle

In our efforts to deliver an unforgettable experience, we are as committed to delivering on the intangibles as we are to delivering on tangible work.


We’re experts. We’ve chosen to invest not only in the technologies and tools that we use, but also in understanding the types of clients we work with. We'll share our passion about places and destinations, travel, attractions, events, and more.


Success comes through learning. In any project we’re confident that we’ll learn something from you and you’ll learn from us. One of our goals is for you to leave more confident in your plans for the future, having gained knowledge and ideas.


When you work with Lift Interactive, we become an extension of your team. There’s no “us and them,” there’s just us. It’s through the power of partnership, of collaboration, that we can work to unlock your potential and expand our capabilities.


We want you to reach the end with great work accompanied by a rewarding experience. It’s not all sunshine and roses, but we believe that the hard parts can be enjoyable if we’re all working together. We’ll do what’s right, even when it’s hard.


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