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Why Lift

Maximize your reach with well planned multi-channel campaigns

Marketing is not about just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. An effective campaign is thoughtful and considers many variables in its execution. Understanding of goals, audience, budget, channels, duration, and seasonality are all important in developing a plan that works.

Being on brand in your marketing campaigns requires that there is a strong brand identity to begin with. Utilizing that as a touchstone, creative ideation can begin, pushing the boundaries in order to attract the audience, but always remaining true to the core. Once concepts are agreed on, the marketing campaign can be initiated.

Whether it’s a short-term, targeted campaign or a long-term brand building effort, there are important factors to always keep in mind. We help you identify and measure what’s important at the outset, monitor on an ongoing basis, and pivot or shift the campaign efforts when that makes the most sense.

Audience & Goals

Knowing the intent of a campaign is critical to success. A brand building effort may be more about exposure and good will, where an acquisition campaign could be much more narrowly targeted to drive specific actions. Defining goals and metrics that inform success allows us to work together to ensure we’re achieving the right outcomes.

Channel Selection

Intent and objectives directly influence the choice of channels. Search advertising is very different from display. The way that channels are used together as a part of a comprehensive multi-channel strategy will impact not only effectiveness, but also cost. A well planned campaign utilizes the right media to reach audiences and maximize results.

Concept Development

Each campaign is different and the accompanying visuals or content should reflect that. As a part of the execution of your campaign, developing and refining concepts ensures you stay brand-aligned, but also allows you to not only stand apart from others and past work. Creative extension of your brand in each campaign is a strategic opportunity to build assets and awareness.

Measurement & Iteration

We don’t believe in set it and forget it. Sometimes a campaign launches and is meeting high levels of success right out of the gate, other times the initial roll-out is less dramatic. No matter what, we begin monitoring results from day one with the goal of adjusting to improve. Your campaign should never go stale, whether it’s ongoing or time bound.

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How we work

We deliver more than expected

Our process has been fine-tuned over many years to create synergism between each of its moving parts, ensuring everything that we do is deliberate and impactful.

Guided Input

You want to feel seen and heard, because that’s the only way to create a community that’s true to you. You'll receive tailored, tested prep work so we understand you and your business quickly and completely, and can ask questions that matter—before any work happens.

Project Pulse

Knowing what to expect, and what’s expected of you, not only keeps you informed, but allows you to contribute more thoughtfully. Regular contact through deliverables and discussions keeps us working side by side throughout the course of your project

Video Deliveries

Your time is valuable and so is ours. In order to use meeting time as effectively as possible, we’ll record guided videos to present some deliverables. Providing you with a recording of allows you to digest what you’re seeing and formulate questions before we meet.


We’ve designed our process to be open and inclusive of you along the way. We iterate at each stage to get things right. By looping you in at earlier stages, we can avoid going backwards as a result of surprising you with thing you may not have expected.

Anywhere in the World

We’re used to working with clients who are not located in the same place as us. We will coordinate meetings during times that will work for both our teams, but will also make use of tools and processes that allow us to stay connected across distance.

Totally Transparent

Throughout our work together we’ll keep you in the loop and provide you with complete access. Assumptions and unconfirmed information can create significant challenges to project success. If you have questions, please ask. We’ll do the same.