What "Mobilegeddon" Means For Your Mobile Search

April 25, 2015
What "Mobilegeddon" Means For Your Mobile Search

ou may have heard the ominous term, "Mobilegeddon," making the rounds on the internet these past few days. Google has made a few changes to their PageRank algorithm to rank "mobile-friendly" sites higher when searching on a mobile device.

So how does Google classify a "mobile-friendly" site anyway? They take two factors into account: page speed & responsive design.

Page Speed

Page speed has always been a factor in Google's PageRank system, however they are now weighing it more heavily when searching on mobile. Viewing a website with hundreds of large, high-resolution images not only attributes to a bad mobile viewing experience, but could also lead to expensive data usage. Google wants to ensure you’ve taken these factors into account when designing your website.

Responsive Design

A responsive website is one that can adapt to various screen sizes without losing functionality or readability. This has been standard web convention for the better part of 5 years, and we have adopted it as our standard for almost as long. There is another common practice

of creating an entirely separate mobile site that a user gets redirected to upon visiting your page. While this is not technically responsive design, this should still be acceptable with these changes.

So why the doomsday name?

It is true, that some sites that have neglected the changing standards for a while will be impacted greatly for users searching on mobile. Google is making these changes to enhance the mobile experience, and thus providing a bit of a push to get these sites upgraded. However, most sites won’t have to change all that much.

Curious where your site falls in all this? Feel free to use the tool below and see which areas your site could improve on.

It’s Our Bread and Butter

We have lots of experience making sites that are delightful and functional on every device and screen size. In fact, every new website we design is built using responsive design and has been for well over 4 years.

Want to keep your users--and Google --happy? We can help. Get in touch and we can discuss how to optimize your online presence for mobile.

Scott Barkman
Web Developer with development experience ranging from static single paged sites to full fledged web applications.
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