Responsive Design for Better User Experience

February 13, 2013
Responsive Design for Better User Experience

Is 'responsive design' just another in a series of buzzwords and phrases that seem to continually flow out of the web design and development world? What does it mean? Is it really a good approach to designing a web property?

The continuing adoption of mobile devices with internet connectivity is driving changes in how users access the web. It’s not enough to make assumptions about individuals based on what type of hardware they are using to access your content or based on location information received from a device or service provider. The web is everywhere, is your content ready to be there too?

We’ve put together a bit of an overview of responsive design and 3 reasons that we think it is a great option for developing most websites. Download and learn why you should consider responsive design for your next project.

Thorren Koopmans
Thorren has over a decade of experience managing web and marketing projects. His background in retail, finance and technology—and a long history with computers, web and social media—provide a well-rounded and innovative perspective on strategy development and implementation.
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