Get a point of view

October 10, 2010
Get a point of view

I don’t watch a ton of TV, but when I do, I’m likely going to sit down to watch something on the food or design network.

Both networks seem to always be running contest shows to find the next celebrity chef or interior design guru. The formula is now classic. Round up a bunch of amateurs or mildly successful pros, then get them to start cultivating their skills and personalities in front of the world while eliminating contestants one by one.

One thing that ends up being a deciding factor for the judges is the contestant’s “point-of-view”. This is the individual’s personal “take” on their culinary or design world. In deciding who is interesting to watch and listen to, judges want a compelling point-of-view. It may be classic, quirky or fresh, but it needs to be memorable.

What’s the point?

In business it’s also really important to have a compelling point-of-view. You can call it a philosophy, mission, mandate or anything you dream up, but the concept is the same.

At Lift, our point-of-view is to make things for the web that are smart, simple, and effective. Sometimes we call this formula “lovable”. The idea is that we don’t think things should just “work” or just “look good”. When something goes a little further to delight the user and surprise them with it’s ease of use, people fall in love (or at least they’re pleased).

Micah Slavens
With over 20 years of experience designing and directing projects in the digital space. While being our fearless leader at Lift.
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