Digital Since Way Back—Lift Turns 15


September 25, 2017

Celebrating 15 years of pushing pixels to their limits.

Celebrating 15 years of pushing pixels to their limits.

Looking back, the past decade and a half has gone incredibly fast. We've worked with like a million clients on hundreds of projects. What started as one guy with a computer and a license for Macromedia Flash, has grown into a talented, award-winning full service digital agency. A lot has changed in 15 years, but the passion and drive to create and invent remains. We couldn't be prouder.

Lift was born out of a desire to make amazing experiences online. Although the rules, metrics and patterns are different today, our DNA remains the same.

2002 Was a Good Year for "Digital"

Flash intros, pre-loading animations, e-cards and CD ROMs. The digital space was a different place at the start of the new millennium. In fact, we didn't all call it digital back then. As the internet grew and changed, terms came and went. Lift actually started as "Lift New Media", adopting the now outdated term.

Back then, we just had to worry about computers with 800x600 resolutions. There were no iPhones, no tablets, and no VR goggles. A lot has changed.

"This ability to seamlessly maneuver between the left and right side of the brain seems to be a key characteristic of a new brand of media artist and can be compared with Leonardo da Vinci's artist-, scientist- inventor profile." ~ Andries Odendaal

The above quote completely inspired me when I read it in "New Masters of Flash" sometime around 1999. It captured the way I felt about the online space and all the potential it held for our businesses and imaginations.

That was fun—let's party!

To celebrate our huge milestone, we got together with clients, colleagues, friends and family at our studio space on Whyte Avenue. New clients and old friends shared drinks, great eats and a lot of laughs.

We were lucky enough to have our dear friends at Da Capo cater the event. They tried out some of their new recipes in anticipation of their upcoming new concept, Al Centro.

Our new friends from Wydnowski's also ran a Ukrainian pop-up-style sausage and pierogi stand. (Watch for great things to come from these guys in the coming months.)

We want to say a big thanks to everyone who came out. We feel humbled that so many have put your trust in our abilities over the years. It means everything.

Bring on the next 15

What does the next 15 years hold for our crew? We can't wait to find out. One thing is for sure, we'll keep pouring our passion, skills and creativity into the work we do.

The next 15 years will bring new devices, new plugins and new design patterns. We'll continue to push our skills and develop the talent to tackle the next set of challenges for great clients.

Here's to the next 15.