A shoemakers shoes

August 16, 2010
A shoemakers shoes

It’s not easy to find time to work on your own stuff.

Here at Lift, we’re full of ideas – we’ve got an infinite list of fun projects that we’d love to be able to tackle that would showcase our culture and creativity. But more often than not, we’re swamped with client work and it’s hard to find the time for the things we’d like to do.

We’ve started to understand (it’s about time) that we can’t do everything ourselves — sometimes you need to get a little help. Specifically, we’re working with an external writer on our on web copy. It has been really refreshing to get an outside perspective on how we communicate who we are and what we do. This is something we advise our clients to do (whether it’s us doing the writing or not), but now we’re listening to our own advice.

5 quick tips to keep you out of shoemaker mode

  1. Admit that you can’t do it all yourself. Delegate.
  2. Realize that everything takes time, then set some aside.
  3. Baby steps. Maybe you can’t do much on that lingering project right now, but you can probably start.
  4. Make it fun. When doing work for yourself, do it your way.
  5. Don’t wait until everything is perfect before making things public. Whatever you’re working on, get it in front of people as soon as possible and then continually improve.
Micah Slavens
With over 20 years of experience designing and directing projects in the digital space. While being our fearless leader at Lift.
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