4 Things to Look For When Hiring a Web Application Developer

May 10, 2016
4 Things to Look For When Hiring a Web Application Developer

Lift has extensive experience building web applications from the ground up. More than just taking a list of specs and creating a matching piece of software, we work with people who are passionate about their ideas, have a vision for something and look to us to help bring it to life. Why do these passionate people choose Lift for their startup projects?

Startup Knowledge / Experience

We’ve developed multiple web applications, both for new startup companies as well as existing organizations looking to add a new element to what they do. Beyond simply the design and development component, we contribute heavily to the development of online strategies and business models with clients. We’ve conducted many sessions using Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Design ( principles, and are also big proponents of Lean Startup ( methodology.

Our understanding in this arena comes not just from consulting and working on client projects, but from real, boots-on-the-ground experience. Among the Lift team, we have a past Director of Operations for an early stage startup, which subsequently raised funds and set up shop in NYC. One of our founders was previously a board member for Startup Edmonton, before it was taken in as a part of the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation. Our Director of Technology has developed multiple startup projects as a technical co-founder, and currently sits as the CTO of a green startup initiative. Several of our other developers worked as employees within a startup environment before joining our team. Lift has even successfully run proprietary software products in the past.  

Beyond our development of actual software in and for startups, we have a healthy roster of startup clients who’ve come to us for branding, design and communications expertise. Our culture is one in which exploration of online services is not just a part of our work, but something that all team members actively engage in outside of work. As a result, we’re able to identify things that work and don’t work, not just from a best practices perspective, but from practical and personal experience..

All In One

As an organization, we take seriously the importance of being able to deliver on every level of a project. We’re not just consultants who hand off strategy, and we’re not just order takers who build to a spec. Rather, we work with you through the full process of planning, designing, building and growing your product. Our team holds expertise in all of these areas, including user experience design, brand and visual identity creation, front-end user experience implementation, database design and development, complex web software development, and digital marketing, social media, and communications strategy.

Because we believe it’s critical to have the connectivity between the various components, we don’t outsource any portion of the work. We can, and do sometimes, work with other partners in the process, particularly if a client already has some part of the process covered, but we always strive for tight-knit collaboration.

Technical Capability Beyond Just Code

Our understanding of online software extends beyond the development of the code itself. We have deep knowledge of the full ecosystem that must be developed to support any software platform that’s running on the web. This includes choosing server solutions, code commit processes and repositories, database scaling, selecting the right programming languages, etc. We also recognize that what’s required to get a project started is not the same as what’s needed when there are thousands of users, and work to build in the groundwork for expansion.

Analytics & Smart Marketing

As we build, understanding users and the impact of our client’s platform is important. Whether it’s Google Analytics for traffic analysis, or Intercom for live user engagement, we know the tools and can configure the ideal setup to measure results, gather feedback, and improve the product over time.

And getting the word out is also crucial. Digital marketing is a powerful way for our clients  to maximize the value received for their outreach efforts. We can setup trackable goals, measure and monitor results, maximize conversion rates and ultimately make the most of every dollar spent online.

Thorren Koopmans
Thorren has over a decade of experience managing web and marketing projects. His background in retail, finance and technology—and a long history with computers, web and social media—provide a well-rounded and innovative perspective on strategy development and implementation.
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