Our Expertise

We elevate

We excel at discovering new opportunities, navigating complexity, and solving difficult problems. We're constantly asking "why" and always looking for a better way.


Strategy & Insight.

We love building and shaping brands that make an impact.

At the heart of everything we do is the idea of helping organizations grow better. We aren't driven by selling pre-baked solutions — we take joy in creating real value for our clients and their users.

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Artistry & Interface.

Vision, attention to detail, and passion for a flawless final product.

Our design approach starts with the aim of elevating the value that our clients bring to their audiences. Every graphic, layout, and interface element is carefully considered with the end goal in mind.

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Craft, Build &

We launch high-performing projects focused on results.

Our team understands that our clients come to us for actual value, whether it's improving an experience, growing reach, or increasing conversion. We implement our campaigns, digital products, and platforms using best-in-class methods, tools, and technologies.

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Our Process


We immerse ourselves in your world to gain a comprehensive understanding of your industry, audience, people and goals.


Taking all of our insights from discovery, we converge on a solution, drawing up the roadmap that will lead to our journey’s end. A well-laid plan is critical to success, but we also leave room for exploration.


Through a comprehensive UX strategy and plan, we map out what we will need and begin the process of collecting content. We work on messaging that is aligned with your brand personality and purpose.


Throughout our collaborative design process we’ll seek input and feedback, never leaving you in the dark. There are no surprises, only delight as we continue to refine to a beautiful outcome that sets you apart.


Whether building a campaign, developing a site or application, or enhancing a brand, this is when it all comes together. Ideas become reality using the right tools, channels, and technologies.


We thoroughly monitor the quality of execution for all our projects as we near your delivery date. We seek to remove any potential risks or roadblocks before they occur.


Before we launch and arrive at the end of our initial journey with you, we review all the details and make sure you’re equipped for arrival. This includes training for new technologies, a recap of goals, and the launch itself.


For our ongoing relationships, we start improving from the day we launch your campaign, web platform, or digital product. Our strong understanding of analytics and conversion provides the fuel for insight and growth.

We’re impressed with the creativity and quality of work delivered by each of Lift's resources. It’s rare to come across an agency with such a high-calibre team.

Marketing campaign strategy and landing page design for Tourism Group

How we work

Above and beyond requirements

We've fine-tuned our approach over the years to create a reliable process, ensuring everything that we do is done well and for good reason.

Expert Direction

Our team of strategists and experts direct your project based on decades of successful digital initiatives.

Audience Insights

You'll uncover new learnings through our process about the people's behaviours and the audience communities you're targeting.

Integrated Approach

Our full-service creative agency is able to serve a wide variety of needs across strategies, channels, and mediums.

Team-based Management

The entire project team is invested in our collaborative efforts and deliverables to keep timelines on track.

Experienced Remotely

We use the very best cloud-based tools and delivery methods to keep your project and vision on track.

Measure & Iterate

Using best-in-class analytics and deep expertise, we learn from data to find what works best and when to adjust.